PFC Clarence Drumheiser - PART 2 STAND DOWN

Dec 07th 11:00 am - 11:00 am
US Marine Corps
KIA - Killed in Action
World War II
MRC - Jeff Wike
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KIA - Killed in Action 

Military Branch 

United States Marine Corps 

Military Service 

Purple Heart
Presidential Unit Citation for Bravery & Valor at Tarawa 


World War II (1941 - 1945)

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Procession & Interment Service 


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Clarence E. Drumheiser ARLINGTON--Private First Class (PFC)

Clarence E. Drumheiser was killed in action in World War II on Dec. 22, 1943, during the third day of combat on the Pacific island of Betio, Tarawa Atoll, in the Gilbert Islands.

SERVICE: PFC Drumheiser will be buried with full military honors on Friday, Dec. 7, 2018, in Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.

He enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps on Feb. 10, 1942. Prior to the battle at Tarawa, PFC Drumheiser also fought with his Marine Corps Division at Guadalcanal. At the end of the war, the United States began the task of returning its war dead from all wartime theaters. Due to the confusion of the battle at Tarawa, PFC Drumheiser's remains became unidentified. His remains were sent back to the continental United States in 1947 and interred as an "unknown" in the National Military Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii. In January 2017, the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) exhumed PFC Drumheiser's remains for examination in order to apply new methods of identification. Subsequently, on April 6, 2018, the DPAA was able to determine that the remains under examination were those of PFC Drumheiser.

Clarence E. Drumheiser was born Feb. 28, 1922, in Fresno, Calif. He was a brave and valiant Marine who gave his life at the young age of 20 in the defense of the country he loved. He was awarded the Purple Heart and his Marine Corp Division was awarded the prestigious Presidential Unit Citation for bravery and valor at Tarawa.

SURVIVORS: He is survived by his sister, Sally Drumheiser Logan; and several nieces and nephews. 

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Ride Captain 2

Jeffrey Wike

(817) 301-4293 

Bill Kushnir

(214) 995-1536



Part 1



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Staging Time 


Briefing Time


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Starting Time 


Staging Point 

DFW Airport Police Station #1 

Staging Address 

2900 E 28th St

DFW Airport, TX 76111 

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32.884677, -97.021242 

Part 1 Details 

The family of PFC Clarence E. Drumheiser has invited the Patriot Guard Riders to honor their loved one’s faithful and honorable service to his Country by escorting him from DFW Airport to Wade Funeral Home and ride with him one last time on December 7th to DFW National Cemetery for his interment service.

Riders will stage at the DFW Airport Police Station for a mission safety briefing. We will then await the arrival of PFC Drumheiser and begin our procession to Arlington. Upon arrival at the funeral home, riders will dismount and render honors as the Military Honor Guard moves PFC Drumheiser into the funeral home. Riders will then be briefed and dismissed to be reconvened on December 7th. Mission for Friday will be posted at a later date. 


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Part 2 Details 

Riders will stage at Wade Funeral Home. There will be a short mission briefing and we will then establish the Flag Line to await family and friends of PFC Drumheiser. When directed by the MRC, flags will be returned to the support vehicle furled and stowed. Those riders that will be in the procession will receive a short mission safety briefing and prepare for departure.

NOTE: Due to inclement weather on Friday, there is a possibility of a “Stand-Down” decision made for the procession. That decision will be made by the MRC prior to 1200 hours Friday morning. 

Part 2 Procession 

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Part 2 Support 

Yes Mike Flocken



Part 3

Part 3 Segment 

Interment Service 

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Part 3 Briefing Time


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Part 3 Staging Point 

Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery 

Part 3 Staging Address 

2000 Mountain Creek Pkwy

Dallas, TX 75211

Part 3 Map Link  

Link to Map

Part 3 Details 

Riders will stage at the DFW National Cemetery Visitor’s Center for a short mission briefing. Barring inclement weather, 4 honor bikes will be selected and will move to the staging lane to accompany the procession. At that time, riders will proceed to the designated committal shelter, establish the Flag Line and prepare to receive the family and friends of PFC Drumheiser. When directed, the Riders will return the flags to storage, be debriefed and dismissed. 

Part 3 Procession 

No Escort Provided 

Part 3 Support




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