Steve Conger
State Captain

Tim Kenslow
Assistant State Captain

Brian "Postmaster" Liberty
Deputy State Captain


Randy Smith
Assistant Deputy State Captain


Jim "Weird Andy" Anderson

John "Ghostrider" Blase

Rick Crabb


Darl "Mach II" Easton

Mark Gravit

Carlton "Cruiser" Emmons

Ken Hammock

Mark "Bluhog" Ingersoll

Wendy "Hot Lips" Ingersoll

Bill "Zippy K"Kushnir

Brian "Postmaster" Liberty

Dan "Mad Russian" Mathys

Rusty "The Scot" McNab

Sylvia "Sapphire" Miller

Mike Moore

Phil Robinson

Jim Wiggins

Mike "Weldermike"

Bob "Safety Bob" Heuchert

Barbara "BJ" Johnson

Ted Waldron

Jim Murphy

Kelly Darst

Gene DeBord


Jeffrey Wike


John Bartis


administrative support

"Saint" Brenda Rowell

Mission Dispatcher

Howard and Sue Griffiths



Information Technology

Mark "Bluhog" Ingersoll

Mission Administration

mission support

James Beal

James Monk

James Pogue

Jeffrey Wike

John Watts

Jesse Bean

Randi Wilson


Randy & Nicki Smith


Ken Wallace

Mary Smith Valentine

Mike Johnson

Eli Quinonez


Rick Hill

Sue James

Terry Carr

Brenda & CJ Rowell

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Freedom isn't free, but joining the Patriot Guard Riders is! Our common bond is an unwavering respect for those who risk their lives for America's freedom and security.

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The Patriot Guard Riders is a 100% volunteer, federally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which ensures dignity and respect at memorial services honoring fallen active duty military, first responders and honorably discharged veterans.

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