James McConnell

Sep 19th 8:30 am - 8:30 am
US Air Force
Cold War Veteran
MRC - Mike Moore



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Military Veteran 

Military Branch

United States Air Force 

Military Service 

Jim served with the 3567th Support Squadron, ATC from July 1954 -July 1957. He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal. 


Cold War (1947 - 1991)

Mission Segments 

Interment Service 


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Mike Moore 


(817) 228-3240 



Part 1


Interment Service 

Mission Date 

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 

Staging Time 


Briefing Time


In Position/KSU Time


Starting Time 


Staging Point 

Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery

Staging Address 

2000 Mountain Creek Parkway

Dallas, TX 75211 

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Riders will stage at the visitor’s center to be briefed about our veteran and this mission. “Honor” bikes will be selected to process to the shelter with the family and friends, led by the DFWNC Representative. All other riders may proceed on to the assigned committal shelter to set flags and await the procession. We have been requested to be pallbearers. Riders will stand “tall and silent” for the committal service. We will present our certificate of appreciation to the family. When directed, riders will pull and carry the flags to the rear of the shelter to be furled and put away. Riders will then be debriefed and dismissed. 


Flags Only; please bring your own water.  



Before volunteering and/or attending any North Texas Patriot Guard Riders missions we encourage you to review all safety information below.

Included are some potential safety concerns to be aware of, however this does not include the full scope of all potential hazards.

Anyone attending any North Texas Patriot Guard Riders mission understands that they do so at their own risk.

High Temperatures

It's every RIDER'S PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to hydrate prior to attending a mission. 

Begin drinking water the night before.  Drink water when you wake up and continue drinking water all day to ensure your body stays hydrated.  It should be noted that excessive use of alcohol, coffee, tea, or sodas act as diuretics and tend to dehydrate rather than hydrate.  The use of Powerade or Gatorade or any of the small packets of powder designed to help replace the electrolytes lost from perspiration is important.  The use of cooling towels is important also as they tend to help keep your body temperature down.

If at any time you feel the need, let someone know that you are stepping away from the Flag Line, and find a cool spot to get out of the heat.  Don't wait until your body collapses.  It is much easier to take a seat and get a cold towel rather than to call EMS for heat stroke.  The family will understand.  If this does occur, please have your emergency card on you so that we can notify a family member.  Hopefully the break will be all you need.  Secondly, if you are riding a bike, please be sure to hydrate again before making the ride home.  Take another 10-15 minutes to cool down then start the ride.  Ideally, stop at an air-conditioned restaurant for something to eat.

Funeral Processions/Escorts

EVERY RIDER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for their own safety at all times while riding in a funeral procession. 

At NO TIME are any riders authorized to block any intersection or otherwise block or impede traffic laws in any way.  Only Law Enforcement officials are authorized to block and/or impeded the lawful flow of traffic.

If you choose to fly a flag on your bike you are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring it is secured and not a danger to any other rider or traffic.