Ranger Vietnam Memorial

Aug 06th 9:00 am - 9:00 am
MRC - Barb Johnson

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Memorial (Non Funeral)

Mission Summary

The attached Press Release and Event Invitation tells what is going on Saturday, August 6, 2022 in Ranger, TX.

Link to Event Flier

Link to Event Flier

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Barbara Johnson


(940) 642-5324



Part 1


15th Year Vietnam Recognition and Celebration/Memorial

Mission Date 

Saturday, August 6, 2022 

Staging Time 


Starting Time 


Staging Point 

Texas Vietnam Memorial

Staging Address 

Loop 254 East Highway

Ranger, TX 76470

Map Link 

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Now for the when and how to get there. I will be leaving the Greenbriar Walmart located at 5131 Greenbriar, Wichita Falls, TX. at 6:40 am Saturday August 6, 2022. We will meet up at the southeast corner of the parking lot near the Murphy gas station. Make sure your gas tank is full for the 2 hour 15 minute ride to Ranger, TX.

We need to be there near 9:00 am to put up flags for the 10:00 am observance. After the flags have been put up, we have been asked to go to an inconspicuous staging point so that we can ride the bikes in as a group at 9:50 am, so I will need all the bikes I can get and as many bikes with American and Vietnam related flags as possible (please nothing vulgar or anything that could cause a problem), remember this is a memorial to honor our Vietnam veterans as well as all veterans. Please park in the grassy area across from the memorial (near the swing set and tree if they are still there). If the area has gotten rain and the grass is too soft to park a bike on, then look for a good safe and out of the way place to park. I will try to have someone to direct you if at all possible.

Once the memorial has started, you can stand or sit anywhere you would like. Bring a chair if you want, just in case there are not enough chairs for everyone. Once observance is over, flags will be taken down, returned to the support vehicle, furled and stowed away and you will be dismissed to stay for the festivities as long as you would like. Don't forget to call Joel or Larry to RSVP if you want a hot dog or hamburger for lunch


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