I cannot thank you enough for being with us yesterday.  It was such an honor to have all you with us to celebrate my fathers life and his incredible career in the Navy.  
The pictures are wonderful & I am so glad you shared with us, they are beautiful & I am very happy you posted them.  We were unable to get some of the honor guard and I am so thankful you all took them for us.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Very warmest regards,
Krisi Miller

— LT David Lee Rouse


   I truly appreciate these pictures of the wonderful ceremony. Thank you so much again for being there for my dad and my family in this time. I am sure he was looking down and smiling. I truly want to extend our warmest thank you to each and everyone of you that celebrated with us. I want to thank each and every one of y'all who has served. I have a very special place in my heart for each and every one of y'all. I would also like to donate more when I have a chance. It may be in a few months, but it will get there. Ken, I hope you have a wonderful day. God Bless!!!!! 


Thank you,
Lisa Gunn

— Jackie Dwyan Gunn


I couldn't be more proud of the way Matthew was honored by your amazing group. The photos are treasures. The portrait and plaques are to be cherished forever. The embroidery plaque is very special.  Your sincere condolences really touched our hearts.  My immediate request is prayers for our family the next coming days and weeks. Tomorrow we leave for Ft. Bragg for a service by his Unit.

I will touch base later.
For now, Thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts.

Rhonda Meadows and family

— SPC Matthew Meadows


Christopher Martin thank youChristopher Lyn Martin thank you note 2

— Christopher Lyn Martin


My family and I would like to thank the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders for their participation and assistance for my dad’s funeral service.  You had a busy week, but you were able to provide personnel to honor my dad.  I would especially like to thank MRC John Blasé, Dewey Dyer (we worked together at Ovilla FD) and the support team for their assistance, respect and professionalism.  My dad would have been very proud to have such honorable people involved in his service.  

You provide a much needed and appreciated service to our heroes.  We will not forget you.
Thank you, 

Kevin Lucia

Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal

Midlothian Fire Department

— SP4 Brian Lucia


On behalf of my sister in law Darlene, my husband Marty and the Leos family. We thank you so much for being with us on the day of David’s services.

Thank you so much for the pictures. 

Jeane Leos

— David Leos


— Robert Alan Folsom, Jr


John Stephens thank you

— John Stephens


Rick - 

Outstanding! Thanks to you and your fabulous, fine looking crew for pushing the patriotism needle into the red zone. The funeral folks who have never been associated with the military were stunned by the additional respect y'all brought to former SGT Larson's funeral. Those of us who served were completely impressed by the way your crew carried out the mission. Charlie Mike!

 With Great Respect,

 Ted Larson

 Maj, USAF (Ret.)

— Virginia Larson


I am so honored that you were able to come out on a holiday.  Jerry would have loved what you did for him.

 Thank you

— Jerry F. Hancock


Mr. Wiggins,

Please accept my most heart-felt gratitude towards you and all those whom attended my father's memorial this past Friday. As I said then, your organization received a call and did not hesitate to commit immediately. Thank you so very much for honoring our father and other veterans of this nation's military. Not only did you show up as promised, but you also took pictures that I personally will treasure for some time to come. This added service you provided to us was invaluable. I desired pictures to memorialize the day's events but just could not place myself in a frame of mind to accomplish the task.

Thank you once again, and may the Lord our God bless you and your organization's efforts.

Most sincerely,
Belinda A. Carr
Daughter of James T. Hampton, Sr. (USN, CMCPO, RET.)

— James T. Hampton, Sr


Mark and the Patriot Guard Riders,

I cannot thank you enough for you all being part of my husband’s memorial!  He is smiling from heaven!
Your pictures are amazing and my favorite one is my hand on the flag.  I’d love to learn more on how I can donate to your organization and how I can possibly volunteer in the future (other than riding a motorcycle) ;)
Thank you!
Michelle Miltz

— MSgt Matt Miltz

08/25/2021 & 09/10/2021

Thank you again for all you did for my Brother as well as my Daddy. I am definitely tell mom when she is better and can remember everything. These photos will help with the healing of our broken hearts. 

Thank you again from our family to you. You are part of the family now.
Chaplain Shawna Maxwell


— Ricky Lee & R L Sanderson


Dear Tom,

   I am very grateful for your attention to this mission. 
The efforts of you and the riders that attended the service made a lasting impression on my family and succeeded in the mission of the Patriot Guard Riders. 
Ride safe.
    Allicia Anderson    

— William Reeves Jr.



— Doyle Underwood



— Charles J Taylor


The PGR does a great job!  my Father in Law was a 20 yr USAF veteran.  He had said he did not want any military action at his funeral!!!  Well sorry bout that John R Gilbert!!  I told the funeral people to contact PGR and Lackland AFB.  The PGR escorted from the funeral home to Ft Sam Houston cemetery.  The Air Force did a 21 gun salute.  The USAF did the flag folding and presented the flag and 7 cartridge's from the salute to my wife!  Behind me stood a USAF man in uniform.  After the service I asked him how he knew John R.  He said that Gilbert coached and taught him baseball when he was a kid!! 
Thanks for all you do!  
Johnny Shotwell
Crowley, Texas

— John R Gilbert


Thank you so much for all that you all did to help with the funeral and honor Daddy.  I cannot tell you how beautiful it was for me when we pulled into the cemetery to see the flags around the grave site - I firmly believe that Dad would have been incredibly proud of that honor.  
Also, thank you for the pictures - what a beautiful gift that is to our family!  Blessings on you and all that you do. 
We are grateful and blessed.
Kurt A. Krodle
Minister to Youth
First Baptist Church
Arlington, Texas

— Richard Krodle


During the planning for my husband's graveside service, Patriot Guards was mentioned as well as the Army for the flag ceremony and taps.  We were unaware of your organization and its mission to honor military and first responders at funeral and graveside ceremonies.  Flags were mentioned but I didn't realize how large those flags would be until driving up to the graveside and viewing them blowing in the breeze.  What a wonderful sight.
Your greeting and conversation aided me in easing some of the stress and strain of the passing of Stan.  The Riders standing "Strong and Silent" lent a calmness to the service.  Stan would have humbled by such a generous outpouring in his honor. The folded flag, plaques, coins and pictures will long have an impact on my family. Stan's sister and nephews were unable to attend the service and your pictures give them an insight into the service.
Please extend our gratitude to all involved who sacrificed their time throughout a very moving ceremony in Stan's memory.  Our thoughts and prayers go with you always.
Stan Gleghorn Family, Peggy, Roger and Jay

— Stanfield C. Gleghorn


On behalf of our family, I would like to express our appreciation to your
team for the support you showed to our family on one of our most difficult
days. We sincerely thank you for rendering honors to my mom as she was laid
to rest, and for reminding us that our country appreciates and respects her
Very respectfully,
Shawn Day

— Vicki Hubbard



Thank you for honoring the service of Ronald Tilghman , United States Air
Force veteran of the Korea conflict. He was dear friend and love of my
mother in law Belle Anderson of Mesquite Texas.  As a Navy veteran
(1976-1980) myself, Ronnie and I swapped many military stories from back in
the day. I held back tears as I saw the patriot guard riders, ( I also
ride), and the American flags at his funeral on August 5, 2021 at the Dallas
Fort Worth National Cemetery. Again, a huge heartfelt thank for your
presence and recognition of an American hero.

Curtis Paul Morrow
San Marcos, Texas



— Ronald Tilghman


Mark, thank you. We are beyond grateful for everything you all did. It was special and memorable to all of us. What the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders do, matters and is very important. I will tell everyone I know how wonderful this group of men and women are. You are truly needed and what you do does not go unnoticed. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. 

The Cornue Family

— Cornue



— Samuel Harvey Atchison




We would like to express our thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders for the memorial service held in Wichita Falls TX on June 15, 2021.
Your kindness will always be remembered. Due to not having an address, please accept the attached card of thanks.
David and Karen Smith

— James McGuire


20201110 Wadsworth.jpg

— Harvey Joe Wadsworth


Our Family cannot thank the North Texas Patriot Guard enough for the way they honored our Father, Chester Hollingsworth, on February 25. We were not prepared for the emotions evoked by seeing your wonderful Guard set flags up at the Church, present us with plaques and escort Dad to his final resting place at the National Cemetery. Dad was looking down with a smile on his face and pride in his heart for your service to him.

Well Done!

Chris Hollingsworth

— Chester Hollingsworth


Beautiful….your organization is amazing and brings great comfort to the family.

Teresa Jones Crouch

— Thomas Crouch


To the Patriot Guard Riders, the military members, to Dr. Wright and DeDe from Angel Hills Funeral Home and all others who made this day one that Honered my husband in a very special way.  The Renfro family will be forever grateful for your service and respect.  For this we give you our heartfelt thanks.  May God Bless you.

Val Elliott Renfro

— Colonel Ronnie Jack Renfro


Good to see PGR at my uncle’s funeral.  Thank you.

Brian Stout

— SCPO Eugene Harrison Hudson, Sr.



— Brian James McDaniel

Dear Patriot Guard Rider family,

My name is Anne Murray, from St. Louis Missouri. I have three children ages 1, 5, and 7. My husband Major Brian P. Murray passed away in February 2017, and was an Air National Guard Air Force pilot stationed at Scott Air Force base in Illinois.

I wanted to take a few minutes to acknowledge and say thank you for how the Patriot Guard riders of Missouri, Illinois, and Texas have helped my family during this past year.

At our wake in March, you presented me with a folded American flag. You held the door open for our guests at the funeral and stayed present to ensure a peaceful and honorable service. You escorted our procession to the cemetery so that we could all stay together and so our family could be respected.

You greeted me at the airport in St. Louis for our trip to Snowball Express, a fun trip for children and surviving parents of fallen military, and carried my luggage for me.

You cheered for my kids as they walked to their plane.

You worked with police to shut down major highways and escort us around Dallas at Snowball Express. You were present on the bus and at every Dallas event with smiling faces.

You made my children their own biker vests with their own patches and pins.

You helped me find my husband’s flag on the honor grounds in Dallas, stood with me while I cried so I didn’t have to stand alone, and hugged me. You offered to take my picture with my children and I in front of the flag and patiently took it many times to make sure it was just right.

My children believe even more that their dad was a hero because of how you have treated my family with such dignity and honor. You make me proud to live in a country where I have the privilege of walking alongside people with such integrity and patriotism. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and are so grateful to be part of your family. I would appreciate if you could share this letter with the Texas, Missouri, and Illinois riders.

Anne Murray

Austin Murray (age 7)
Brennan Murray (age 5)
Corinne Murray (age 1)

— Anne Murray

Mark, thank you. We are beyond grateful for everything you all did. It was special and memorable to all of us. What the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders do, matters and is very important.

I will tell everyone I know how wonderful this group of men and women are. You are truly needed and what you do does not go unnoticed. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. 

The Cornue Family

— Cornue Family

Please accept this donation in memory of Richard Stewart.  Richard was a fine man, and loved his country.  I am honored to make this donation in his memory.  My thanks for all that they PGR does.

— Virginia Head

I am an in-law of David Blasingame. His was first military funeral I have ever attended. The Patriot Guard was so inspiring and I wanted to thank you personally and hope you can extend my gratitude to fellow riders. God bless your group. My Grandfather was at Pearl Harbor on Dec.7. He passed in 1981 and I had him buried at Greenwood. When the Nat'l Cemetary opened I had his remains moved there so he could be with his comrades. Again, thank you and God bless America in these coming days.

— Wenthy Marcy

You people are amazing.  Thank you for being at Trey’s Service.  Words cannot express how much it means to us.

— Mr. and Mrs. James Rackler

Jenkins Thank You Card2.jpg

— Jenkins Family

Schmitz Thank You Card.jpgSchmitz Thank You Card 20001.jpg

— Pam Bufford

What an honor you paid to my father, Duel Gambill, and our family.  I still get tears in my eyes when I think of you and the Patriot Guard Riders.  You were the corner stone of the service, not only making it a beautiful tribute but making sure it was done right.

The gift of yourselves will never be forgotten.

May God Bless you all.

— Libby E. & The Gambill Family

Members of the Patriot Guard Riders of North Texas,

Words cannot express how honored we were to have the Patriot Guard present at the funeral and graveside services for our dad, H.W. Foster, on May 27th.

Your level of dedication and service to veterans is humbling.  Thank you so much for what you do.

With gratitude and appreciation,

— Anna Soucier and the Family of H.W. Foster

I want to give my sincerest appreciation to the Patriot Riders for the efforts and attendance at the funeral of my brother,  Larry Don Monk, Sr, on May 31st in Greenville Texas. I met with Jim Wiggins and each of the Riders and gave them my personal thanks for being there and showing respect for my brother, an Army Veteran of 10 yrs. I made a donation this morning to the organization as your efforts are very much appreciated.

— Jerry Monk

My family and I appreciate all you have done for my brother Mike. The Patriot Guard Riders are a godsend for veterans. I believe the respect and honor the Patriot Guards did today for my brother Mike today will bring peace to his soul. Mike and his buddies survived the ordeal of the horrors of Vietnam only to come home to disrespect of their commitment to our country. He is now at peace thanks to the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders. The moment we saw everyone standing at attention holding all the flags will be a memory my family will never forget.


— The Hearrean family

To the Patriot Guard Riders:

It was such an honor to have you at my dad’s service last week.  He was so proud to have served this great country side by side with heroes just like y’all.  Thank you for being there and making a very hard day so special.  We will always remember the beautiful flags, the memorable plaque and the priceless pictures.  May God bless your future missions so that other families are as touched as my family was.


Stacey Reschke

— The Family of Robert Dunn

You guys are miracle workers!!  I’ve never seen such a turnout on such short notice.  I cannot thank your organization enough for being able to accommodate the Strickland family in under 12 hours.  Again “Thank You” for your honors.


Resthaven Funeral Home

Rockwall, TX

— Resthaven Funeral Home

My family and I are so humbled by your role in my brother's funeral today.  The Patriot Guard Riders honored Ben beyond what we could have asked for, and in doing so, were like balm to many hurting souls today.    We recognize there were sacrifices made by each rider to be there and pray the Lord will repay them for their kindness.  Please extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who made this happen.  

Thank you!

— John M. Adams

First off, let me say how grateful I am for the efforts of PGR. Day in and day out you guys do a job that I can't imagine the weight of. Yesterday's efforts were abovery and beyond. I know it was a logistical nightmare but yet you guys pulled it off flawlessly. I know how much work you put in and from the boot on of my heart I want to thank you.

I slept for the first time in a week last night because I finally know that Ben is looking down smiling after yesterday.

Please please pass my love to your crew and the crews that helped make yesterday possible.

Thanks again!

— Jimmy Mac - 22KILL Program Director

Thank you and your fellow Patriot Guards for honoring my brother at his service.  I'm sure his wife and children appreciated your being there as a final honor to Ronald and his service in Vietnam. My brother Donald (Ronald's twin) and I had flight reservations to attend but were unable to get to the airport due to flooding in Missouri that had a large number of highways closed the day of his military funeral. Those closed highways kept me in Poplar Bluff MO and kept Donald in Fenton MO. We appreciate the sacrifice you and fellow guard members made to make the service memorable for his family and us. God Bless you and the Patriot Guard for your continued service to our veterans.

— L. Elizabeth Frey

Just a note to express my and Kandie's  sincere appreciation for you and your group's thoughtful participation in our son's funeral.  We will remember always what you did for Mike's memory and  us.  We were very proud of Mike's Marine Corps service and what you and the Patriot Brigade did just increased our pride. Thank you again.


— Dwight and Kandie Reagan

We'd like to thank you and the guard for your presence at my father, Carl Duncan's funeral services.  It was an awe inspiring moment and truly meant a lot to me and my family. My father was  so very proud of his service in the Air Force and he would have been overcome with emotion, as were we, at the sight of those flags.

As we are finding our new normal, we are grateful for the outpouring of support we are receiving.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Again, thank you so much.

— Janice Trent

Words are hard to find that can express the gratitude our families feel for you and the Patriot Guards.  From Wednesday, April 5, 2017, until today you all have been wonderful.  We thank you for riding with us, the certificates of appreciation, the gorgeous portrait and the sincere condolences offered.  I am sure everyone you contact feels the instant connection with you that I felt.  You are such a gem of a gentleman.
Much Much Admiration.

— Abney and Vines families.

I can't thank you and all of the Patriot Riders enough for proudly honoring my loving husband James Fuqua to his final resting place.  It really touched my heart knowing that each and everyone of you honor your fallen brothers and sisters who proudly put their lives on the line for our freedom.I hope I didn't leave anyone out when I thanked each and everyone of you! James would have been proud! God Bless you all and God Bless America



— Linda Fuqua

The family of Bill Harrell are thankful for your services at Bill's funeral!  May God Bless each of you and keep you safe always.   Love in Christ Jesus.

— Bill Harrell Family

Words cannot express your beautiful contribution in the last ride of Harry Sullenger.  

He would have been so proud of all the flags lining the road to his final resting place, as I and the family was too.  

God bless you all.

The whole ride was awesome!

— Carla and the Sullenger Family

Just wanted to drop you another line and say thanks for all your help with my father's funeral William Michael McCoy. Y'all did a great job

— Michael McCoy

I can't tell you how much my family was honored by having the Patriot Guard Riders escort my father to his final resting place. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful tributes seeing all the flags displayed as we drove up to the cemetery.  (Kind of lost it at that point!) I was always proud of my father's service and it always will be a wonderful memory for me, as well as my brothers & sisters. Once again thank you and your brother guardsmen.

Prayers for safe rides always.

Lynn daughter of Garland Flowers, Mission date 24 January 2017


— Lynn Morgan

Thank you all again for all you do. We greatly appreciate everything you did for my family today. It meant a lot.

— Amadi Bell

Dear North Texas Patriot Guard Riders,

Thank you for such a Patriotic & truly touching experience that you have provided for my son
SSGT Patrick R. Griffin.  Words cannot express my thankfulness to you all for accompanying myself & my family throughout the entire process of honoring him.

Your presentation of the plaque & canvas portrait was a moment I will cherish forever in my heart.  God Bless & Thank you for all that you do.

With love

Michelle Patterson (Mother)

— Michelle Patterson

Thank you so much for doing all this!  I was so taken by the service of you and your team.  I can see that this is truly a ministry of healing and love for you all.  Your efforts created a memory of a lifetime for many people and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God Bless You All,

— Cynthia and Matthew Casperson

Just a note to express our gratitude for all you do for Vets, including our Brother in Law, Skip.  

My wife and I are both Vets, I'm a Desert Storm Vet and we appreciate your dedication and compassion.  

Alfred W Evans

— Alfred W Evans

Friday, February 24, my father, Sgt William Hunter, was laid to rest at the Mountain View Church of Christ.

When my siblings and I arrived at the church, we were greeted by the  North Texas Patriot Guard Riders, lined at the doors of the facility. It was one of the most calming moments leading up to our father's memorial service.  Observing the Riders, lessened the emotional strain of entering the church to tell our loved one good- bye. Ride Captain, Dan Mathys, greeted us with love and sympathy, just making us feel better.

On the drive to the Dallas Texas National Cemetery, the Riders' escort, with the flags flowing, provided a beautiful picture for us to focus on. This action decreased sad thoughts and unstable emotions we were experiencing at the time.

At the end of the Dedication of the Flag Ceremony, my family was being driven from the cemetery. Out of the window, I observed that the North Texas Guard Riders were still at the site of my father's body. Most important, this was most satisfactory to a grieving family, just knowing our father was not immediately left alone.

Finally, thank you for the framed dedication, it is one of the few items I will take back to Georgia with me.

Thank you,

Margie Waters

Sgt William Hunter's Daughter

— Margie Waters

The Patriot Guard Riders made the service of my dad, Charles Kimbrough so much more meaningful! Our hearts swelled to see the PGR  escorting him with flags waving. We also appreciate the presentation of the certificate to my mother, Gloria Kimbrough. God bless all of you!

The service you performed offered inspiration and comfort to all who were present. We thank you greatly for your help and support during this difficult time.

— The Kimbrough Family

Patriot Guard Riders,

First and foremost, God bless you all and thank you for your presence to honor my son, Erik Barton.  Each of you are a fine example of our love of country and honor to our vets.

Kathy Barton

— K. Barton

I just wanted to thank your team for their participation in my Dad’s funeral.  The Patriot Guard Riders made it very special.  I’m sure Dad was looking down and smiling.  He loved to be the center of attention and he got that on that day.  Thanks for everything your group does.

Norm Dula, Jr.

— Norm Dula, Jr.

North Texas Patriot Guard Riders,

I can't begin to tell you how much your presence meant to me and to my family.......God bless all of you for everything that you do.......you added such a special dimension to a very difficult time........ We will treasure this memory as we will the pictures in the days months and years to come. God bless you all......

Sean Griffin

Father of SSgt Patrick R. Griffin

— Sean Griffin

To the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders,

It has been an honor to work with you and really appreciate everything you guys do for the military and our families. Please send my deepest thanks to everyone who participated in honoring one of our fallen and I hope one day I will be able to return the reciprocity.

SSgt Mark Ditchman, USMC
Casualty Assistant Case Officer
for SSgt Patrick R. Griffin

— SSgt Mark Ditchman, USMC

To the Patriot Guard Riders of North Texas,

Thank you very much.  I appreciate everything you've done for us.  It was an awesome experience to have you all there with us and honoring Patrick. 

Michelle Patterson (Mother of Marine SSgt Patrick R. Griffin)

— Michelle Patterson

The family of Billy Hirth is grateful to God for his life, for your friendship, and for your kindness and prayers. Thank you North Texas Patriot Guard Riders for honoring our father, Billy Hirth on November 7, 2016.  May God bless your work and members.  Thank you all for your service to this country!

— Hirth Family

I wanted to tell you thank you all so very much for the beautiful pictures and the sincere condolences words cannot express smile my mother had surely looking down from heaven may God continue to bless each and everyone of you! 

You guys are amazing!


Christina Air Force Brat and proud of it!!!

— Christina Mowrey

PGR Team,

Thank you all so much for honoring my dad, William David, with your presence at his funeral and inurnment on October 16th. He would have been so proud to know you were a part of his services.  We are so glad you were with us!  Each and every one of your team members were so kind to myself, my Mom, brother and the rest of our family.

Thank you and God bless you for what you do to honor our Veterans.  The plaque you gave us is proudly displayed in my Mother’s home.

All the best,

Mary Hampton & family

— Mary Hapton

I just wanted to thank you on behave of my family and I for honoring my dad and us with your presence Yesterday at my dad's funeral.  We truly appreciate it, it was so beautiful and we were able to say good bye in such a memorable way. We send you our blessings for doing such a wonderful thing.

— The Raymond Family

The Patriot Guard Riders appearance at the graveside and the memorial service was a wonderful tribute to my Dad.  You all need to know that my Mom was very surprised and appreciative. Many of my generation remember the Vietnam War and who still feel the shame for how veterans were treated.  What your organization, as well as many others, does insures that we Americans don’t repeat that same mistake of ingratitude.

Please let all in your group know the Richards family is grateful for the honor shown my Dad.

— Hal Richards

To the wonderful men and women of the Patriot Guard.  My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the care, kindness and honor you gave to our father, SMSgt Dale O’Brien. You endured the cold for most of the day and it meant so much that you honored our Dad and prayed for our family before Dad was played to rest.

May the Lord bless you all richly,

Lourdes O’Brien & the O’Brien Children

— The O'Brien Family

Words cannot express the appreciation and gratitude for the Patriot Guard's participation in Michael Mosley's funeral today.  Thank you for being one of those special people.

— Michael MacGregor & Family

On behalf of my family, I would like to say THANK YOU AGAIN for what the Patriot Guard Riders did for my father. You guys are an AWESOME group and I hope you will express our appreciation to the rest of the group. GOD surely has a special place in heaven for all of you.  Thanks Again!!

Arthur Matthews and the family of William Matthews

— Arthur Matthews

I would like to thank Rio, Tommy, yourself and the other men who stood for my father yesterday.

It was an honor to have you ride guard for my parents and to lead us to they're final rest.



— Michael Campione

Thank you!!! On behalf of all of the Michael L. Martin Family. His children

were in complete AWE of all the military honors. And so very appreciative.



— Michael L. Martin