Jose Trevino thank you

— MSgt Jose Trevino, Jr


Hi Darl,
I want to thank you and all of the volunteers that attended my father, Ralph Farra’s, service at DFW cemetery on Friday, October 7. I was so touched and honored by each of you and the beautiful presentation. I regret not being able to thank each volunteer that attended but please let them know how grateful I am. My Dad would have loved it!
Thank you for your continued service to families.
With deep appreciation,
Leslie Farra Ashley

— Ralph Farra


William Jones thank you

— William Jones


Dear Mark,
The photos that Linda took, and put together, are beyond what I expected. I sent them right out to his parents, family, and friends. So many people wished to be there but...you know how it is. I was so pleased to make them feel like they were there. You have no idea what that meant to us. Please give my thanks to Linda. She does a beautiful job!
We can't thank you enough for delivering the eulogy. You read it so perfectly. I feel like the heavens opened up and gave me a big helping hand for the final part of this journey. You and your group are my angels. You are such a gentleman and, I was grateful for your sturdy arm and compassion. It was our honor to have you all there. I wish I had it together better that day, and spent a moment with each one of you. Please pass along our thanks to all.
We were so pleased to read what the donation will be used for. What a wonderful thing that you do! It was the perfect ending for this occasion. Kevin was a flag guy, so it was great to read what you wrote. He made sure that his Dad had the pole and proper flag for the front yard. Dad puts it up and down every day. I see how important your organization is. I'm really proud of all of you. Thank you all for your service to our country also!
God Bless you and yours.
Sincerely, Julie

— Kevin Painter


Kevin Painter thank you 2

— Kevin Painter

09/24/2022 & 09/26/2022

— James Shortnacy


John Mueller thank you

— John Mueller


Thank you so much for coming out to Mike's service. The flags were incredible and the group honoring Mike's service was so wonderful.
It was a privilege to meet all of you and I love what you guys do for the veterans and their families.
I appreciate all of you more than I can express.

— Michael Joseph Everheart


I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you guys. It turned out to be a lovely service, and the bald eagles at the end just lifted my spirits and gave me blessed assurance that he is in God's hands... thank you for everything y'all do on a daily basis, you will always be in my prayers.
Michele Armstrong

— James Armstrong


Thank you so much for everything!
Sharon Dorsey

— Lonnie Dorsey


I cannot thank you enough for your service and for volunteering to be there for my dad, and family. I appreciate it so much. The pictures are wonderful, thank you so much for capturing this special day. It was beautiful.
Marisol Valdez

— Roberto Valdez


Once again I want to thank you for the wonderful job y'all did today and for the amazing honor y'all show. It was a privilege to have y'all there today.

Karen Fox

— Ronnie Edward Fox II


— John Dockery

08/20/2022 & 08/23/2022

McPherson thank you

— Captain Lewis Edward McPherson


Thank you tbone for everything you and your team did today. It was very special and I know my dad would have loved it.
Robert Odom

— Benny Odom


I appreciate you and the other Patriot Guards for being at my uncle Mickey Dooley's funeral on August 17 in Dallas. You always add respect to these services more than I can convey.
The plaque you presented brought tears to my eyes.
Please thank the others as well!
Sharon Van Huss

— Lt Col Mike Dooley


Thank you so much, Mark. I think I have the pictures. You sent them to the funeral home and they sent them to me. You guys were wonderful. When you all saluted Howard, it brought tears to my eyes and my brother said the same thing. Thank you so very much You guys are so impressive, everyone thought so. It is a wonderful thing you’ll do, you can’t imagine how good it felt to me to see my beloved husband escorted by you all. Can’t thank you enough. Thank so very much. God bless you and all members of your wonderful group.
Alicia Broadaway

— Master Chief Petty Officer Howard Broadaway



— John Payne


The pictures are awesome. You all paid a wonderful tribute to my Dad. He would be so proud, as we all are. One of the best services we have been a part of. Again thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Jane Hall

— Billy McClure


I just want to say,
Thank you so much for being there on Greg's day. You folks are so respectful and priceless. Thank you so much. It would not have been the same without you. What you do is an ultimate good, and my appreciation is overwhelming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Matthew L. Hansen

— Gregory Bailey


Hello Mark, definitely no apologies necessary brother and thank you and your beautiful wife again for being there on Dad's behalf and our behalf joining us for a beautiful day to celebrate and honor the husband of my beautiful mother for 68 plus years and father of my three brothers and I. We had a lot of great times together and no regrets other than this accidental fall causing his head injury that led to his untimely death. Thank you for your service, the riders present and all of the Patriot Guard Riders. I will forward this to my brothers and my mother.
Thanks again brother, and again for your services.
Most sincerely,
Karl King

— Bill King


Michael Gibson thank youMichael Gibson thank you

— Michael Gibson


Mueller thank you note


— John Mueller


It meant so much for the Patriot Guards to help with my husband Gary Meador's Funeral Service on July 27th. It was so special to have you there. I couldn't have done it without your help and support. I'm very grateful for all the photos that you sent me. I will later send a donation to help with this worthy cause.
Sincerely, Joyce Meador

— Gary Meador


Mr. Bill,
I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming to help us celebrate the life of our son. It meant more to us than mere words can express. I am brought to tears just thinking about the love and respect that you extended toward our family during such a painful moment. Thanks for the flags, certificate and pictures. May God continue to bless and keep you all!
Dr. Tamara Thomas

— Shannon Thomas


I am so very sorry this is so late. I wanted to thank you for everything you did for my Father's Funeral. You and the rest of the riders did an amazing tribute to him. The pictures you sent are awesome too. Great shots that we can treasure forever. My mom is asking me to get your address if you don't mind, so she can send you a Thank you card. My family is very grateful to you all...and honored you were there at his service. You are very much appreciated. Again, I am so very sorry for how late this is. Thank you so very much...from the bottom of my heart.
Take Care!

— Michael Medenwald


Thank you and your PGR group for the fine job you did yesterday!...It was truly a comfort for me and our family to see your group in action and know you where there supporting us along our journey....Thank you again so very much for all you do to support our Veterans.
Sarah Tunis and family

— Jimmie Tunis

07/18/2022 & 07/25/2022

They did an awesome job honoring Pottsy yesterday. The family was in awe.
Thank you to everyone who helped yesterday and thank you for helping me
initially bridge the gap and get it set up.
Lt Col Camille LaDrew
136th Logistics Readiness Sq (FB 6431)
Commander & IDO
Fort Worth, Texas

— LtCol Jayson Torrey Potts


Thank you so much for coming and for the beautiful remembrances you gave us. I am thrilled with the photos you took for us, they will be going in albums we are putting together for ourselves. It truly meant so much for you all to be there yesterday. The Flag Flying, the very presence of the Patriot Guard Members and the remembrances touched our hearts. Dad was pleased with yesterday because it embraced the loves of his life….God, family, country and aviation
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
Blessings to each of you,
Terry Atkins Craddock

— LT COL Everett Atkins


Thank you so much for today. Having y'all there really meant the world to me and I know my dad would be so proud.
My next charity event will be in November. Harmony for Hero's. Where 100% or the money raised will go to a veterans organization.
I have his patriot guard vest home with me and I will always treasure it along with the flag and certificate you gave in his honor today.
What you guys do it truly honorable and helps families so much. My daddy was my first love (as any little girls daddy is), my best friend and my hero.
Thank you and your team for all that you do.
God Bless, Ride Safely and never faster than your guardian angels can fly.
Sincerest Regards,
Shawnessy Ransom

— Barry Leonard


Jerry Mitchell Thank You

— Jerry Mitchell



Thanks to you and the Patriot Guard Riders for participating in honoring my dad, Paul, at his funeral mass and burial. You and your team are greatly appreciated and made quite an impression on those in attendance. The images are a wonderful surprise, and thank you for providing a link for viewing. 

— Paul Tafalla


Hi Mr. Wike,
I cannot thank you enough for the loving kindness you showed our family last week. I cannot stop talking about you, your service men and women, and your wonderful organization. We were honored and blessed to host the Patriot Guard Riders.
Thank you so much for the pictures, they are absolutely perfect reminders of a tender day.
Thank you again, and perhaps we will meet again some day.
Take care, and God bless.
Ashley Pate

— Richard David Balius


Good day to all the beautiful people of North Texas Patriot Guard Riders. Our family would like to express our appreciation to the Riders lead by you, Captain Dan Mathys for joining us during the Committal Service for my husband, a Navy veteran Richard E. Young last July 5th 2022. The service was brief but a very nice patriotic tribute. The PGR presence gave our family comfort, pride, support, and in awe from the good deeds of military groups of veterans like your organization. The commemoration plaque and the pictures given to us are something we will hold dear to our hearts. We are so grateful to all PGR members honoring our fallen soldiers. God Bless Y'all.
Mary Jane Young & family
Lewisville, Texas

Richard Edward Young thank you

— Richard Edward Young


Please let everyone know how important your presence was, and that word of it will be traveling around the world.
I (LuDell) was pleasantly surprised that the [DFWNC] Service was attended by Robert's friends and relatives from as far away as Africa, Japan, Indonesia, Germany, South America, and there were many positive comments about the Patriot Guard. Attendees said they were shocked at the professionalism, the heartwarming photos [Jen!], and the fact that you would all take time to do something so selfless.
Several attendees said they had no idea that a group like this existed in the U.S., so the day was a very good reflection on Robert, your group, and on the United States!
It was very important to Robert that you attend his service. God bless you all!
Ludell Diebold

— Robert Diebold

06/20/22 & 06/21/22

PO2 Samuel Elliott, ADD 6.20 & 6.21.22-ThankYou.jpg

— PO2 Samuel Elliott, ADD


Thank you very much for all you do. You and your riders are truly a blessing. I am honored to of had you all here. God bless Tbone
Darlene Day and my family

— MSgt Obie Richardson


I may have missed thanking you & the North Texas Patriot Riders for their service & help with Brian’s funeral service. You were all awesome & the comradely was heart warming. I & the family felt you were a part of us! It was great to meet each each of you!
Thank you for your service!️
Richard Craft

— Brian Edward Archer


Tom, Thank you so much again for being there. It means so much to me.
I am truly honored by your presence for my husband.
God Bless,

— Michael Jones


Thank you so much Mr. Wayne. It was truly an honor for you all to do this for my Dad and my Family. I will always be grateful for the love and service that you all have given to us and our Country. So again be blessed
Thank you
Tonietta Greene Scott and Family

— Thomas Greene


Billy_Carpenter_Jr thank you

— Billy Carpenter, Jr


Michael Schmidt Thank YouMike_Schmidt Thank You

— Michael Schmidt


Dear Rick,
Please share our heartfelt gratitude to all your Patriot Guards. Dad was honored well and much goes to your group. The photos are wonderful and will be treasured by all the family. Thank you for the time, energy, and resources that the Patriot Guards sacrificially give.
Renee Rodgers, Warren Southers and Nancy Southers

— W. C. Southers


Lt Col Hal Horton 2022.05.19 thank you.JPG

— Lt Col Hal Horton


These are beautiful pictures. We are forever grateful not only for your presence yesterday, but for the fact you all do this so willingly and selflessly every day. It is a comfort in a trying time. May God Bless you and Keep you all.

— Wiley G Berry


Earl Ray Sanders thank you 

— Earl Ray Sanders


  Leonard Beard thank you

— Leonard Beard


Mr. Moore, my name is Felisha Pullen and I am Sergeant Bishop Evans aunt. You organized the Patriot Guard for his funeral a few weeks ago. I would like to thank you on behalf of my family for the wonderful presentation. I could not have imagined a more perfect home going service. And the portrait of Bishop that you presented to my mother was absolutely beautiful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— SPC Bishop Evans


Thank you so much for being there. We appreciate each of you taking the time out of your day and the sacrifices you each made for our country.
Your presentation was wonderful and several people commented on how beautiful the flags were in front of the church.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

— John Clayton


— Lorne W. Banfield


The presence of the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders at our mother's memorial made it extra special.
She so loved her country and took great pride in serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.
I'm sure mom was looking down from Heaven with great honor at your presentation for her.
God bless you and your fellow riders. Thank you all so much!
Dreama, Carla, and James

— Patricia Matsumoto


Thank you T-Bone
You guys were awesome!
Michael Rice

— Alvin Rice


Please extend our sincerest thanks to the PGR volunteers that came out last night to the Frontiers of Flight Museum for the Megellas Award Dinner.
Your contribution, and the presence of the flags, was much appreciated by so many of the attendees.
Thank you again and have a blessed Easter weekend.
Keep the shiny side up!
Raine Devries

— Megellas & 5-Star Award Dinner with General Petraeus


Thank you so much for sending these, I wasn't expecting them so I have not checked my email since the funeral. It was an honor having all you guys attend & participate in the service for dad. It was a special honor having Bobby hand the flag to my family. I will definitely share these pics with everyone. I can't thank you enough for your service and please tell everyone else we said Thank You for their service as well.
Mandy Jackson Vawter

— Raymond Jackson


Victor Michalek 2022.04.11 thank you.jpg

— CMSgt Victor Michalak


Thank you for everything that you and the PGR do to show honor and respect to those who have served. You really made this event special and unforgettable.
The pictures are just wonderful.
Simone Royster

— John Royster


Dear Neal,
There is no way for me to express how much I appreciate what you all did for my Dad's service. These pictures are absolutely beautiful and I will treasure them always. Patriot Guard honored my Dad in a way that he had always talked about when we would see you at other services. Having you all there to guide me and my family throughout the day was so appreciated. The flags and the certificate and your presence there were so memorable. The trip to the cemetery was so special. I know he deserved all the honor you all bestowed on him but I also know he would appreciate you honoring "an old soldier," as he would put it. (And, that was one great ride!)
Your presence at the cemetery was also so important to me. I didn't really know what to do and at that time I was in kind of a daze. The cemetery people were wonderful too, but having you all there at my side made me feel so well taken care of.
I know my Dad is saluting you for helping him complete his mission. I wanted him to have full military honors and you made that happen.
Thank you so, so much. And once again, thank you for the pictures. They are beautiful.
If there is ever anything I or my family can do to repay the favor, please let me know.
Pam Blacketer
daughter of C.B. Perdue

— CMsgt C. B. Purdue


Thank you! The pictures are wonderful! Y'all were above and beyond absolutely fabulous!!! I can't tell you how much we appreciate y'all doing this for Dad and us! He would have been so proud to have his "brothers" there for him! He is home from all the wars now in the place he wanted to be.
Thank you, again,

— MSG Gene Hunt


Mr. Wike,
My name is Eric Stewart. You were the Ride Capt for the Patriot Guard at my Father's funeral. James E Stewart on April 5, 2022.
I did a vlog series during the last days of my fathers life and the last video was one of the full service that day at the DFW National Cemetery. (links to both are below)
I would like for you to at least watch the video of the service and share with the others. The last part of that video is in tribute to you riders that day.
When Pop came back from Viet Nam, he didn't get a parade...he wasn't greeted with respect...he was spat on and he was made to feel like he was the enemy instead of a US Soldier doing his duty. I know that so many of our Viet Nam Vets were treated the same way.
The way he was treated left a bad taste in his mouth for the military and for the Government. It wasn't until around 2016 that he started getting people paying him respect for his service and finally making him feel proud of his time in the military for him to open up and be proud again. We have very few stories from his time in country, but we share the ones we have as often as we can and these last years he was able to open up more about things and we learned a lot about what he did. Like parachuting in as a radio op attached to special forces into the Ho Chi Minh Trail and taking fire as they came down. They were the first in to clear areas for new FOBs and eventually he rose to Buck Sgt and had his own crew and he was responsible for sending in air support for troops under fire and for locating soldiers for search and rescue. The number of lives he saved...we will never know.
I want you to know, that you and your fellow Patriot Guard made him proud that day. And when I walked out from that service and saw each of you standing at attention, the flags, the motorcycles.... I can not describe to you just how damned proud that made me feel.
Thank you Sir. Please thank the others for me.
Eric Stewart

— James E Stewart


Thank you so much Wendy!
Your group was amazing.
I truly appreciate all that you did.
My sister and I love the pictures that were taken.
We really appreciate you!

— Michael Manor


You guys are the greatest. This is such a great way to honor our veterans. My husband found y'all for his father's funeral, Ronald Kinney. He was so impressed, that he insisted y'all be at his funeral. When my husband,Danny Smith, passed away it was truly difficult for me and when Kendall called me from the patriot guard riders, it gave me a since of pride for what all my husband had done and been through. The patriot guards are very respectful to the people at the funeral, open doors, standing guard, they followed us all the way to the DFW national cemetery, they stayed with Danny till he was in the ground, keeping guard. They also went so far as to give Danny's siblings the flags they ride with. You made a difficult day almost magical. Thank you.
P.S. The plaques that were made for Danny we're just absolutely beautiful. I can't thank y'all enough...

— Danny Smith


Kenneth Meier 22.03.30.jpg

— Kenneth Meier



— Robert Kennamer


Hi Tom,
It was very much our honor to have you guys there.
Thank you so much for helping to make it an unforgettable service!

— Ernest Crossman


Thank you.
I hope that the Patriot Guard knows how special a gift they gave me.
I am grateful for you and their service.
Please let each one know that I appreciate them.
Thank you again.
Mary Lange

— Donald Lange


The photos are wonderful, more and better than I expected. Thank you.
The Patriot Guard was such a special addition to the memorial. You all did a superb job. Jim loved riding his bike; I was terrified of it!
Again, thanks for looking out for me and for the extraordinary pictures. God bless all of you!
Cheri Stewart

— Jimmie Lee Stewart


Hi Bill!
I was so thankful to have the Patriot Guard Riders there! It was like having Angels all around us. It really made the funeral special having you and the other PGR's there. With the beautiful weather, the day was perfect. Thank you for all of the time you've put into honoring my dad.
Kathryn Librizzi

— PO2 Gerald Hobbs


Good morning! I am the Navy Gold Star Coordinator for the State of Texas. I am based at NAS Corpus Christi. I provide long-term support to Active Duty Navy Families who have lost a service member while on active duty.
I would like to sincerely thank all of the Patriot Guard Riders that were involved with providing support with SN Jesus Ramirez’s funeral. You selflessly took time out of your busy schedules to support his funeral service & on such short notice. I am sure that it meant a lot to the family to have the support that you all provided. Thank you so very much for being there, respecting and honoring the life of this young service man.
Thank you again and May God Bless each of you.
Kindest Regards,

— Jesus Ramirez



Richard Bentley 2022.03.14 thank you.jpg

— Richard Bentley


Thanks very much for sending along this link to the photos.
We so appreciate the time, effort, and respect you all gifted our family and loved ones on Saturday.
This is great to have the photos as well.
Be well,
Casey Beck

— Denny Beck


Thank you so much for being there. It was very moving for me. I know Terry would’ve been very honored for ceremony of your patriot guards.
God bless you guys and all that you do.
Julie Meisinger

— Terrance Meisinger


Nathan Young Thank You

— Nathan Young


Thank you so much Neal.
It was such an honor to meet you and the other Patriot Guard Riders today.
Thank you so much for honoring my father today.
Kristi Robeson

— John Austin Denton


Thank you so much for honoring my dad today.
It was a very special service and we appreciate your service as well. Take care.
Steve Matthews

— Sylvester Matthews


Hi Mario
Thank you so very much for these great pictures.
Looking at these, I realized I hadn't even seen the many people who participated in making these two days so very special and so memorable.
Thank you again for all you and the group did!!
With a grateful heart,
Linda Dollar

— William Marcus Dollar


Mr. Hammock,
My family and I thank you and the North Texas Patriot Guard for your kindness and the honor you gave my husband by presenting our nation’s flag on the day of his burial.
Thank You from the family of Elmer Lee Banks.

— Elmer Banks


Hello Wayne,
Thank you so much for helping make this happen! The pictures are great. We sincerely appreciate your time and service.
With sincere gratitude

— James Williamson


I would like to extend my gratitude to your organization for honoring my
Uncle "Jack" Johnny Clark Turner. I am retired Navy and was truly touched
by the photos my brother shared. Ride safe and God bless.

— Johnnie Turner


Daniel McCoy thank you note

— Daniel McCoy


These pictures look amazing and you did an excellent job in supporting our family during this time!
We felt honored to have you all present and thank you for the amazing pictures.

— PO2 Tanji Bailey


Thank you note

— Marvin Hudler


I just wanted to thank you and your fellow North Texas Patriot Guard for your amazing representation at my son Brandon Guice's service. It was truly awe inspiring.
The photos you sent spoke a thousand words and I treasure them.
Thank you for your service and continued service to Veterans after their final battle.
Cynthia Jewell

— Brandon Larson Guice


Hi Mark,
Thank you again for your service to our family over the weekend. You and your entire team were awesome and amazing! You guys did a wonderful job! Our Mom and Dad if they were alive to see this, would have been extremely proud and honored.
From both Eric and I and our families, thank you so much for what you do! God Bless!

— Bruce Ryberg


Thanks to all that participated and attended Michael McClaskey’s service at DFW last Thursday.
The motorcycle escort was especially well received by the family members that attended.
I was also pleased with the entire service and the honor shown to my friend.
Sincerely Roger Baggerman

— Michael McClaskey


Dear Mark,
Thank you so much for making my dad's ceremony such a special and beautiful one my mother couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it turned out she can't wait to share the pictures with all of the family members, in Mexico, California, Chicago, Houston...
Again, thank you and all the rider's for being part of such an important day for our family
Please thank Captain Mike Moore for the beautiful pictures sending blessing to him and his family
May God bless you and your family

— Francisco Prado


Thank you

— Robert Pulliam


Dear Rick and all of the Patriot Guard Riders who stood to honor my father this evening -
My brother and I would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for so beautifully honoring my father at his memorial service. I know he would have been so proud to see all of you standing with your flags and showing such respect for not only this great country but also for him and all the other men and women who served it. We especially appreciated the personal touches you added like the additional PGR certificate and the time that one (or more) of your members took to find three additional brass for my brother. We will never forget you.
Thank you all again for making our Dad's memorial so special. It meant so much to us to have you there.
John Rowe and
Judi Rowe Malcom

— LtCol Theodore Roosevelt Rowe


Douglas Miller 12.13.21 thank you.jpg

— Douglas Miller


Good morning, sir. Thank you for what you do for our fallen Hero’s on a daily basis. The family is very appreciative of the N. Tx. Patriot Guard Riders support honoring CSM Adams. I will pass the link to Maria so that she has access to the media. If there is ever anything that I can do for you or the team please do not hesitate to reach out.
CSM Towns

— CSM Steven Adams


20211222 SSG J Torres Mission Thank-you.jpg

— SSG Juan Torres


Douglas_W_Miller_Thank_You_2021.12.13_page 1.jpg

— Douglas Wayne Miller


Herbert Bible 21.12.10.jpg

— Herbert Bible


Ester Mae Pierce 21.12.06-1.jpgEster Mae Pierce 21.12.06-2.jpgEster Mae Pierce 21.12.06-3.jpg

— Ester Mae Pierce


Thank you so much for yesterday, I was proud what you did for my dad and his love of this country.
David Stinson

— John Stinson



— SSG Robert Watson


Good morning Mr Bewley!  
Thank you so much for your kind words and the incredible photos. You don't know how much the presence of you and your team meant to our family. Thank you all for what you do to honor our country's veterans. 
Sincerely and with blessings,

— Alfredo Perales Jr


Hi, my name is Arthur Baker and on Nov 13 The Patriot Gaurd participated in my Father"s, David Stephens USAF Ret, memorial service. I am so sorry this has taken so long but my family and I wanted to thank you for your participation in my father's service. We were so honored that your organization participated and all of you did a great job. My dad would have been so honored as well. He had a lot of respect and admiration for your organization.
So again thank you all so much and I am so sorry it took so long to get this email to you.
Arthur Baker

— David Stephens


Frank W Maddock thank you note

— Frank W Maddock


Thank you Tom, this is beautiful. We are very thankful for y'all and for each of you who honored my dad.

— Michael Brent Goyne


Phillip Loveless thank you note

— Phillip Loveless