New Members

Thank you for joining the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders!  We are excited that you have decided to join our ranks in support of our Veterans.

We encourage you to review our website to learn more about who we are and what we do.  Below you will find a lot of useful information such as mission guidelines and flag line protocols.  These will help you know what to expect when you attend one of our missions.

When you are ready to join us at a mission please view our Mission Calendar and pick any mission that fits into your schedule.  You are not required to register or alert anyone that you will be coming.  When you have selected a mission that you wish to attend from our calendar please arrive at the Staging Time and locate the mission Ride Captain upon your arrival.  Our Ride Captains all wear Red/Maroon baseball caps to make them easy to find.  You can also view photos of each Ride Captain here.  Let them know that it is your first mission and they will instruct you accordingly. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us and someone will get in touch with you to answer your questions.

Again thank you for joining and welcome!

Rider Reference for members

The Patriot Guard Riders of North Texas are called upon for many different kinds of missions; from flag lines, to funeral processions, to parades, to being pall bearers and everything in between. A saying we favor among ourselves is "Semper Gumby," Always Flexible.

Provide on this page are some guidelines and procedures that may help to answer questions and provide guidance. Always remember that the Mission Ride Captain has the final say. Situations may call for decisions on the fly and the Ride Captain has the authority, the knowledge and experience to know what to do and each has the full support of the Deputy State Captain.

Mission Guidelines

Given the ever increasing number of new riders who are coming to missions, the number of riders who can only come to an occasional mission and who have asked for a refresher, and the members who are new to the area and would like to have an idea of how we do things 'round here before they come out, we've been asked to write a few things down for folks to look at. 


Procession Rules

The current North Texas PGR policy regarding processions:

Procession segments will not be conducted without LEO or PES presence. The Mission Ride Captain is authorized specific deviations at their discretion provided the MRC exercises sound judgment and prudent risk assessment.


The Flag Code

All Patriot Guard Riders should have a good working knowledge of the U.S. Flag Code. RCs should have intimate knowledge of it, as we are asked regularly about the handing of our flag and are expected to know the answers. The U.S. Flag code can be found here:



The videos below are for flag folding training.


Keeping everyone safe is paramount.  Below are links to helpful information to educate and help riders maintain their personal safety.





Flag Line Protocol

The Flag Line is a chance for the community to see that there is support for someone who offered their all for all of us. We do this as a sign of respect and honor. The Flag Line is one of the most visible things we do and perhaps what we are most known for. 


PGR Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is applicable to activities or communications occurring on the PGR web site, forums and in mission staging areas, during PGR missions, events, or gatherings under the PGR name as well as member to member communication and/or contact when it is apparent that said contact was initiated because of PGR activities. Enforcement Failure to comply with the above Code of Conduct and/or the Harassment Policy may be grounds for removal as a member.